With over 25 years in the nutrition & fitness industry, founder of multiple award-winning boutique gyms, Strong Nutrients & author of The High Fat Diet, celebrity trainer and nutritionist Zana Morris brings her expertise to you.

Another Lockdown & Another opportunity...

1 Month Full Body Transformation. 

Lose up to 8lbs of fat. Recover & build lost muscle.

Perfect your posture, while regaining strength & energy. 

Sculpt your body with less than 30 mins of training/day.


  • Tailored Nutrition Plan by Zana

  • Online 1-2-1 Training sessions with Zana 3 times/week. 

  • Programme tailored to ensure your goals are achieved. 

  • Consistent monitoring throughout. 


Book your initial consultation email: Info@zanamorris.com. 


"There is nothing ‘virtual’ about Zana’s approach to exercise and nutrition.  Her expertise, guidance and encouragement ensured the results of her 12 day transformation were very ‘real‘. Zana introduced subtle changes to my diet and tailored a stimulating 15 minute exercise program with powerful results. I feel stronger, leaner, more toned, with an improved digestion and posture. 


It was my aim to emerge from the Lockdown a better version of myself.  With Zana’s help I am more self confident, look and feel fitter and have permanently engaged glutes!""

                                                                                                       M Turner Bucks.

Choose from:

  • Private 1-2-1 training 

  • Personal, tailored nutrition plans

  • Group sessions

  • 2 week Intensive Programmes

  • Fat burning; Body Sculpting; Hormonal Balance

To find out more, or book a complimentary consultation simply email: Info@zanamorris.com.

"Intelligent training combined with smart nutrition transforms our bodies naturally & fast, but what else can it do?"

"Losing 6-7lbs of fat in less than 2 weeks, training only 20 minutes/day is certainly an achievement! More than that though, is utilising training & nutrition to help balance hormones & strengthen your entire immune system. Not all training and exercise is the same...

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Zana Morris is championing a workout and the results are impressive." 

Tatler MARCH 2019




  "A rare exception that actually delivers..."
                                VOGUE, SEPTEMBER 2019

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