"Intelligent training combined with smart nutrition transforms our bodies naturally & fast... 

                                                                     ...but I'm interested in what else it can do"

Most people consider training & nutrition as the way to get to lose fat or get into shape. And certainly the results my clients have achieved over the years are testament that this is in fact the case. On average clients have lost 6-7lbs of fat in under 2 weeks, training less than 15 minutes/day.

But have you ever considered how Intelligent training and smart nutrition can impact your ability to really live your life, every minute of every day?


Do certain forms of training have an 'anti-aging' effect on our body?  Or indeed does training help recalibrate our hormones & even immune system processes or can training make it worse?


And then there's nutrition, which I think we can all agree not only effects energy, as well as the health & beauty of our skin  & hair, but what about its impact on sleep or even our very mood? 


When taking you on as a client, I work with you and your body to help uncover your natural balance. Your body will do the rest! Your lifestyle and living patterns play a vital role in who you are, how you feel, and the results you achieve. Even the smallest of change, from the food & nutrients you consume, to the way you train & the sports you play, can make the greatest of difference to every aspect of your daily life. 


With over 25 years experience in the areas of nutrition, personal training and yoga, Zana knows how to transform her clients; helping to achieve exceptional results both physically and mentally.


Founder of Strong Nutrients, Author of The High Fat Diet, as well as co-founder of The Clock and formally The Library gyms, along with creating her own bespoke specialised equipment,  Zana has a lifetime passion for health through nutrition, exercise and mental focus.   

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