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The innocent victim

It’s a little like climate change. We know we should act. We want to believe the press have blown it out of proportion. We genuinely do want it to go away, and its completely politically incorrect to act like we don’t care but are we really prepared to give up our lavish modern lifestyle just to protect the future of humanity? 

So what really is causing our obesity pandemic?  First it was too much fat, so we cut it out and dare I say with it went most people’s sense of humour (fat is essential for good mood).  Then we eliminated calories (in other words, food, essential food).  In came weight watchers and Jane Fonda and out went the beautiful shape of the 50’s.  We somehow morphed from hourglass to barrel.


As a child, I grew up on tea, brown bread and mass on Sunday (yes, I’m Irish).  I had cereal & toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and ate potatoes with my evening meal. Basically, we ate carbs, fat, meat and sugar.  Drinking gallons of pure (from concentrate) orange juice was considered healthy.  We ate junk food - sweets, chocolate & ice cream as often as our parents would allow and as far as pocket money would stretch. We weren’t overweight. None of us were. It’s true that the now old-fashioned weekly shop certainly curbed this 24-hour access to all things nice but what else has fundamentally changed? [Read More]



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