Health Matters

by Zana Morris


20 years ago the government made the decision to condem fats as the food group that created greatest risk of health issues amongst the population. Along came the rise of fake butters and synthetic low fat products, and of course ultimately, resulted in a diet rich in replacement carbohydrates and sugars. Countries around the world are currently struggling with what has become a pandemic, with obesity now one of the biggest killers of our generation. At least 2.8 million adults die each year as a direct result of being overweight or obese (more than from starvation).


Governments have since had a change of heart and are now are gently persuading us that perhaps fats are not as bad as they first made out. In an effort to reduce the national prevalence of obesity and diabetes, Sweden as of October this year, has become the first Western nation to recommend a diet lower in carbohydrate and higher in fat. My advice would be to follow the Swedes. Moving away from a carbohydrate based diet, with bread, rice and pasta on occasions as opposed to a daily staple will help stabilise insulin causing fat loss. Enjoy nuts, avocado and healthy oils, they are filling, prevent cravings, and are essential for brain health and mood." 



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