I’m mindful of a friend and her high doses of intravenous, alkaline vitamin C for cancer treatment, vs. ascorbic acid that you get in Holland & Barrett! As for our modern Western diets being sufficient, please don't get me started. There is £800 million a year spent on type 2 diabetes - an avoidable condition and only occurring in later life. This phenomenon coincides with our food having evolved into fat free and sugar laden, in addition to our "natural" fruits which have been so changed over time that they are now excessively sweet. Fat is what holds the fat soluble vitamins, D, E, K, A - you don't get them if there's no fat! .......Read more



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‘Vitamin pills are a waste of money, offer no health benefits and could be harmful – study’ The Independent, 17 December, 2013

by Zana Morris



It makes me want to see the actual study. The elements I've seen reported in The Independent is shockingly written - what supplements? In what forms, what quality, what combinations, what strengths? Citrate or food forms are rapidly absorbed, many others hardly absorb at all, and low dosages (i.e. the RDA or under) may make hardly any impact.


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