The 15 Minute Workout

It only takes 15 minutes to be fit, strong & sculpted.


Classes run from beginners to advanced, with an extra few minutes either side to help you. warm up &. stretch. 

WIth a focus on individual areas of your body, develop full body strength and overall fitness while burning fat & building firm tissue.

"we need to do it much harder and

for a much shorter time. get ready for micro HIIT" 

Tatler Magazine February 2020


& The Art of Breathing

Take time...& breathe...

Choose from a 35 minute Stretch & Breathe class to a full Hatha yoga workout.


From breathing exercises, to posture & core strength, leave feeling lighter, brighter,  and mentally refreshed. 

Classes for beginners & more advanced.  

Due to demand, currently all classes are on a waiting list basis only.

We are planning on having more available soon! To register your interest, please email

Insta:   @zana_morris

Twitter:   @zanamorris




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